21 June 2011

Nerd Rage Incoming

I'm gonna save my whole nerd rage post for tomorrow, but I'd like to do a little foreplay and let you all in on a few things.

First of all, here is my avatar in Captain's Quarters.  Really?

Secondly, here is a fun reply a got to a tweet of mine:
Stevie says: You can buy a useless monocle or two Carriers. What are you gonna choose? knows... The monocle, of course!
K4el says:
K4el deserves props for that extremely witty remark.

Fly safe!


PS- In response to tweet, I was asked what settings that picture was taken.  Max settings all across the board (except AA), even including "Physically Simulated Cloth and Hair."  All of that running on an i5-750 and ATI 5770.

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