07 October 2012

Registering for No Remorse. IRC

Here's a quick and dirty guide to registering on No Remorse. IRC so that we can stay in contact during the day, ping for fleets, and do all that cool stuff.

1. Download Xchat here.

2. Install Xchat.

3. Set your nicknames, and create a Stratics server group, like this:

4. Click Edit, and fill out the following information, skipping the "ur password" part for now:

5. Press the Connect button on the Network List.

6. You should join the #no-remorse channel.

7. Pop out to the server tab, and register your nickname as follows:

/nickserv register YOURPASSWORD

8. Quit out of Xchat.

9. Restart.  Edit the Stratics server group again, and put your password into the "ur password" field.  Save and connect.  You may want to check the "Autoconnect at startup" box in the Edit Stratics window and the "Skip network list on startup" box in the Network List window.

10. On the server tab again, type:


11.  You are now registered, and should be set to auto-join the channel.  If not, be sure to type:

/join #no-remorse rainbow

12. Now stay logged on to IRC to talk smack, watch for fleet pings, and pretend it's the 1990's and IRC is cool.

Also, I used to be a nerd and write an Eve Blog.  WOT DO?:

PS- You can join us from your mobile device, too!

http://colloquy.mobi/ is a good iOS app, and Android users should hit up http://www.yaaic.org/

Don't ask me how to set these up, though.

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